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Introducing the Kreg K5 Jig, Kreg's Best Jig Yet

Posted by Mallory Kramer on January 7, 2014

The Kreg K5 Jig - The Best Way to Pocket Hole

It's no mystery that Kreg makes an exceptional product and that woodworkers of every skill level swear by the accuracy and usability of Kreg jigs and accessories. Kreg's K4 jig is among those sworn by products and, for years now, it has remained the ultimate choice for simple, accurate and repeatable pocket holes. Despite the success of the K4, Kreg has just released a new version of this champion jig, one with all the features that make the K4 superior to other products and some new features to ensure your pocket holes are smoother and simpler than ever.

kreg-k5-jigFor starters, this new K5 is awesome. Kreg has redesigned the clamping mechanism of the jig and the K5 now allows you to match your workpiece thickness without tools or adjusting nuts. You simply slide the clamp against your workpiece and lift and lock the ratcheting handle. The clamping mechanism has also been moved to the front of the jig eliminating the need to reach around the tool or around your materials. In other words, the K5 offers a front-mounted clamp handle and a ratcheting clamp mechanism that doesn't require tools to adjust – just a pull of the handle and it's secure making clamping considerably easier.

The K5 also features new support wings designed to keep your workpieces steadier. The support wings are large and sturdy, they easily attach to the base of the jig, and they double as storage compartments for your screws, bits and other accessories. Use them just for their storage functionality to keep everything you need close by, or use them for support during larger projects to ensure each pocket hole is precisely where it should be.

Of course, Kreg's K5 jig also incorporates many of the features that make the K4 such a successful jig. The K5 offers a swiveling dust collection port (which accepts a 1-1/4-inch vucuum hose) allowing you to choose the position of the vacuum hose as you work. This is beneficial for a few reasons: to name a few, using a vac as you drill will keep your work area cleaner, your results will be smoother and you can also prolong the life of your drill bits by reducing heat during use. The jig also features a removable guide block so you can use it on-the-go and an adjustable, spring-loaded stop for the drill guide block; this makes drilling precise pocket-holes both simple and repeatable.

For a great video reviewing the new K5 jig, please see Matt Vanderlist's video from My Basement Workshop, My Thoughts on the Kreg K5. It explains what's different about the jig and talks about what makes the jig so simple and accurate to use.

Altogether, the Kreg K5 jig kit includes the K5 base with ratcheting front-side clamp, extension wings with storage compartments, swiveling dust collection port, drill guide block, spacer block, workpiece stop, drill bit setup block, hex-shank stepped drill bit, 6-inch driver bit, stop collar, allen wrench, user guide, starter screw and plug pack, online SkillBuilder videos, and downloadable project plans. That's a lot, and while it's not listed on the box, the Kreg K5 also comes with the peace-of-mind that you're doing your job right.