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Woodworkers 101 Infographic

Posted by Felipe Silva on November 5, 2013

WOODWORKING: What Does is Mean to Be a Woodworker?

People have an inherent urge to create. We want to work and build with our hands and we want to see the physical fruits of that labor. Working with wood allows us to exercise that inherent creativity and for nearly 45,000 years, we people have molded a resource that is both beautiful and versatile. Wood. Wood is our muse, wood is an inspiration and motivator; wood is a tool and a means of survival. So what does it mean to be a woodworker? What does woodworking say about who we are?

Courtesy of: Tools and Machinery

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1 Response to Woodworkers 101 Infographic

  • Andy

    worked with wood all my life but would never consider myself an expert although others seem to think I can literaly make anything they request.......