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Laguna Dust Collectors

It's easy to make a big mess in your shop when using power tools. It's even easier now to keep it clean with the Laguna Tools dust collection machines. Our dust collectors start at small, affordable machines that are portable to larger and more powerful collectors for running larger or multiple machines. Top your shop off with one of our dust extractors to keep the little fine dust off of everything in your shop.

The Laguna Mobile Cyclone Dust Collectors offer the benefits of a cyclone and the portability needed for workshops of all sizes. The cyclone collection unit allows the wood particles and dust to be separated from the air stream before going to the pleated cartridge filter. This provides superior dust collection and air filtration so that the wood particles don't pass through the fan unit. Dust is collected in a 30 gallon metal collection drum which features quick release and separate wheels for quick and easy emptying. Manual filter cleaning insures that the filter is always ready for the next use of the machine and remains in top shape. This collector uses a bag frame which allows the disposable bags to stay in shape in inside the collection drum. The remote control allows you to start the machine from anywhere in the shop saving you time and steps. Industrial casters allow this machine to move easily around your shop. This machine is also very quiet, protecting your ears as well as your lungs.