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Multi Tools

There is no end to the usefulness of a cordless oscillating tool. Designed to perform a huge range of applications from cutting and grinding to sanding and polishing, the multi tool is really, well, multifaceted. And, being cordless, the functional possibilities and potential projects with these power tools are virtually limitless. Because a cordless oscillating tool can help you complete nearly every project conceivable, we want to help you find the one that most perfectly suits your needs. Ensuring your oscillating soul mate won't slip through the cracks, we offer a complete selection of cordless oscillating tools, rotary tools and multi tools. In fact, with the full platform of Fein oscillating tools, multimaster tools and multi tool attachments, Bosch oscillating tools like the Bosch Multi-X, cordless Dremel oscillating tools like the Dremel Multi-Pro, Milwaukee and Makita multi tools, and virtually every other high-performance cordless oscillation tool in the industry, there is no doubt that we have the power tool you're looking for. And not only will we have it, but we'll have it for a better price and (down the road, of course) we'll also be able to help you repair it with OEM power tool parts and parts diagrams.