Reconditioned Power Tools

Reconditioned tools are a really smart way to grow your power tool arsenal. Allowing you to own superior high-performance power tools at a fraction of their regular market price, reconditioned tools give you a lot more bang for your buck; literally. For the skeptics out there, a reconditioned tool is absolutely and every bit as good as a brand new, never before seen the light of day, power tool. In some cases, because they've been so rigorously inspected, they might perform even better. You see, to become a reconditioned power tool, a tool must first be found with a minor cosmetic or functional defect. The tool is then returned to the factory for an intense rebuilding and testing process. After the tool is determined perfect, it's returned to the marketplace with an “R” trailing its model number and a much smaller price tag. Ultimately, that little “R” stamped onto a reconditioned tool's name plate is more like a badge of honor than an indication of inferiority, and that significantly lower price is simply the cherry on top of your really smart purchase. Reconditioned tools are an excellent investment and, accordingly, we work hard to ensure these investment opportunities are always within your grasp. That's why at we offer reconditioned tools from major tool and machinery manufactures. To ensure both your tool shed and your wallet are full, we carry Porter Cable reconditioned tools, Senco reconditioned tools, Bosch reconditioned tools, and Dewalt reconditioned tools. Don't miss your opportunity to get a lot of bang for relatively little buck.
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